New Directors

Hello all!

This is Willie and Sandy Jefferies your new Idaho District Directors for the 2022 year unless someone else wants this rewarding Directorship!  We are as committed to Idaho District as we our to our Montana District which we are District Directors of as well.  We are currently wearing both hats.  We are very excited about being the ID/MT District Directors with Dave and Leslie Hanna as our Assistants for Idaho.  You are in for some fun now Idaho!   We are planning on attending the Challis Ride-In as well as the Kamiah Ride-In.  We are also trying to get out to all the chapters so you all know who we are.  Boy, have we been busy!  We can hardly wait for the weather to be nice to us so we can do all this visiting on GoldWing wheels.  Fuel prices are a bit out of hand, but our Goldwings will help keep those in line better so we can do as much visiting with all as possible.  

We are so excited to be able to meet and greet everyone along the way to Chapter gatherings and hoping to catch some rides with everyone both in Montana and Idaho!  If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout either by phone or email.  Email will get you the quickest response so take that as a great opportunity to get in touch with us.  I suppose you want us to post that for you so here it is:  When you send us an email, please include your phone number so we can get back to you.  Sandy is still working but Willie is retired so will give you a shout as soon as possible. 

Here is to wishing everyone a great day and let us know what we an do for Idaho District and your chapters as well!  Catch you on the road or at a gather in the near future!  

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