Our Story

History of the Towne family                                                              1-1-2020

I have always lived in the Dietrich area where my grandparents homesteaded the farm in the early 1900’s, I live 1 mile from where I was raised so I rode a lot of motorcycles around the Southern Idaho area on my older brother’s trail bikes.  I purchased my first bike when I was a Freshman in high school a 1973 Honda CL175, (which I still have) then a 1978 Honda XL350, a 1983 Honda XL250R after getting rid of the 350, I still ride the 250 trail bike every once in a while.

Janet moved into the area in April 1971 and started school in Dietrich and we started going together when we were in high school and got married on April 15, 1978.  We have five wonderful kids Melissa, Rebecca, Natalie, Kelly and then finally a boy Dustin.  In the spring of 1980 I bought my first big street bike, as you can tell I have always been a Honda fan a 1978 Honda CB750-4 (and still have) which Janet and I rode every chance we had and still raise a family and work which was Big-0 tires, Watts Manufacturing building farm plows and rippers, then on December 31, 1981 I was asked to help the Dietrich Highway District for a day to plow snow which led into the Foreman position in February of 1982 and I am still employed there (38 years later), then in 1997 I became Fire Chief and stepped down this last October (22 years).   Janet started driving Dietrich School bus in 1991 and I started driving bus in 1995 where we are both still employed.  In February of 2014 I was asked to drive a trip to a basketball game for the neighboring school Shoshone and it keeps me on the go between both schools with all the activities.  In 2015 I became a commissioner of the Dietrich Cemetery District which was newly formed and established.  Janet has worked at numerous other jobs over the years including the Eagles Nest restaurant for 9 1/2 years. 

In 2009 we purchased a 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 for Janet. I always said that once the kids were out of school and we were able to I wanted a Goldwing, so while driving through Twin Falls on Janet’s birthday we happened to see a bright Yellow 2001 GL1800 sitting on a lot and it didn’t take much persuasion before we ended up with it. We have been back East twice on it (Milwaukee to Nashville and home, then two years later back to Nashville to Daytona Beach where Rebecca lived at the time and to Key West then along the Southern US States to Los Angeles and back home, two awesome trips.  After we got the 2001 Goldwing we joined the Goldwing group in Twin Falls ID-G, Syringa Riders which we joined July 22, 2014 and we have been to several Idaho rally’s and to Billings for Wing Ding in 2016. Then we decided to get Janet a bigger bike in September of 2018, it was a 1998 GL1500 then I built a homemade insta-trike kit for it, it was really fun doing.  After seeing an ad listing for an actual trike, another Yellow 2001 GL1800 Trike which we acquired in September of 2019.  It’s kind of neat traveling together on the same color bikes.

I became the Chapter Ride Coordinator in 2016 and at the Idaho Rally in Salmon 2017 I took the Road Captian course.  In September 2019 I took on the challenge of the newsletter editor (Lyle the newsletter and Janet the editor, “proof” reading)

ID-G was needing a new Chapter Director and after some persuasion we accepted the challenge and was put into office November 2, 2019.  We look forward to working with everyone in our Chapter with your ideas and the other Chapters in the State.  We have learned a lot already but there is an awful lot more to learn yet.

Lyle & Janet Towne, CD, ID-G

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